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Where Lake Constance becomes the Rhine is the medieval town of Stein am Rhein.

Stein am Rhein has three museums, the Lindwurm Museum, the Monastery Museum and the Nativity Museum. The medieval houses with their oriels and colorful facades can be seen at the town hall square. During the walk along the Schiffländi you can catch a glimpse of Hohenklingen Castle.


Ready to discover the museums of Stein am Rhein?

Hohenklingen Castle

Since the year 1200, Hohenklingen Castle has been enthroned above the enchanting little town of Stein am Rhein. After two years of total renovation, a perfect symbiosis of old and new awaits the visitor. Perfect also the culinary experience for two as well as with family or company - whether in the restaurant, in the castle parlor, in the knights' hall or in the airy Oberbergaden.

Monastery Museum St. Georgen

The former Benedictine Abbey of St. Georgen is one of the best preserved monastery complexes in Switzerland.
The monastery includes the cloister buildings, which contain a chapter house, the winter and summer refectory, the cloister, a dormitory, the abbot's rooms, a banquet hall and the abbot's chapel.
Furthermore, you can visit a guest house and various farm buildings in the complex.
Des Weiteren können Sie in der Anlage ein Gästehaus und verschiedene Ökonomiegebäude besichtigen.
Of particular importance are the late Gothic cloister and the so-called banquet hall, built under the last abbot of St. Georgen, David von Winkelsheim. Here are the most important surviving fresco paintings north of the Alps from around 1500.

Lindwurm Museum

In the middle of the old town of Stein am Rhein, the Lindwurm Museum gives you a close-up look at how a middle-class family lived and did business around 1850, on an area of over 1500 m2. In the front house you can explore the storage cellar, Biedermeier salon and attic. The tour continues to the back house with granary, servant's room and stable, and in the courtyard there are live chickens. For the young audience, a playroom offers the opportunity to dress up and rehearse in straw beds. The detailed furnishings make the burgher house an extraordinary experience for the whole family.

Town Hall on the Rhine

The town hall was built in 1539-1542, the half-timbered construction in 1745/46. For a long time it also had the function of a cloth, grain and department store. It got its present shape in 1898-1900, when the market hall was closed and the bay window and paintings were added.

The history paintings were made by the history painter Carl von Häberlin from Stuttgart, the coats of arms and figures by Christian Schmidt from Zurich. The Gothic Great Council Hall houses, among other things, the famous collection of coats of arms from 1542 and a collection of weapons (15th-18th centuries).

In the Small Council Hall, which was furnished with gilded paneling in the Rococo style in 1766, the City Council has been meeting since 1542.

SteinamRhein Schiff Schifflaendi

Be on the move - without limits!

The region of Stein am Rhein offers hikers, cyclists a variety of exciting opportunities in a paradisiacal landscape. If you move around Stein am Rhein, you can't avoid the water. Go on a voyage of discovery along or on the Rhine in one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe. Or spend a leisurely day in one of the swimming pools, playing mini-golf, barbecuing or on the Liliputbahn.

Hiking - biking and canoeing routes in Schaffhauserland

Whether on land by foot or by bike or by canoe on the water. The Schaffhauserland offers different routes for every taste.

Directly at the water, in the forest or on the Randen, here you will find all routes in the region of Schaffhausen.

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Shipping - off to the deck

Lilliputian train. Swimming pool. Barbecue areas

A special experience for children and adults. Enjoy a ride with the Steiner Liliputbahn, with a scale train of the Rhaetian Railway, with wagons from the 1920s, hauled by a crocodile "Ge6/6" or a coal-fired real RhB steam locomotive of the "type G 4/5". The locomotives and the cars are built in scale 1:4.

The trip leads from the station SLB, model is the "valley station of the Brienzer Rothornbahn", at the boat shed URh, past the children's playground, through the beautiful city garden, along the Rhine, through the tunnel at the engine shed and back to the station.

The track gauge is 7 1/4 inches. Our machines are capable of carrying 30 to 60 passengers effortlessly. Different locomotives run alternately, depending on traffic.

Treat yourself to a 10-minute ride and enjoy the experience of being pulled along the beautiful Rhine by a model electric locomotive from bygone days or by a large model steam locomotive blowing and snorting.

Passengers with a handicap and their companions travel free of charge in our wheelchair accessible carriage.

We are happy to enrich your event such as birthday, company event, wedding, school trip, excursion, etc. with a special ride on the Steiner Liliputbahn.

Rheinfall Mittelfeslen


Discover Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein, the Rhine Falls, the Schaffhauser Blauburgunderland and the rural communities. Whether on the water or on land, Schaffhauserland has a lot to offer. From one of the most beautiful river cruises in Europe to medieval old towns, lush forests, the Randen mountain range as well as miles of vineyards.

The Rhine Falls, a magnificent natural spectacle

Over a width of 150 m, enormous masses of water tumble down over the rocks! Be brave: you should not miss the trip and the ascent to the middle rock. From Schloss Laufen, a footpath leads you past the thundering masses of water to the "Fischetz" platform.

Here the Rhine becomes an experience

In the Schaffhausen Blauburgunderland, the vines are not only cultivated with love and care. From the healthy grapes, fruity, full-bodied wines are produced in the cellars. Fabulous white and red wines - fresh, drinkable aperitif drops, but also strong, harmonious food companions. Pinot Noir plays the leading role. In most restaurants you will find a large selection of these wines. At the wineries you are welcome to a guided tour of the cellar followed by a tasting.

Smilestones - Miniature World at the Rhine Falls

Discover Swiss values in miniature!
Small but mighty! The miniature world at the Rhine Falls!

Adults and children alike will find mountains up to 6 meters high, castles and palaces, rivers and fields in the impressive miniature world of Smilestones on a layout area of over 250 square meters. Around 23,000 miniature people live in their miniature wonderland with 12,000 little trees, over 100 trains in H0 gauge and many self-driving cars. Embedded in Swiss destinations such as the Alpstein region, the Bernese Oberland or the Rhine Falls, there is much to marvel at and smile about. The modeled landscape resembles a three-dimensional hidden object picture, full of many small scenes with funny details. Binoculars are ready for exciting voyages of discovery. Over 50 action buttons liven up the miniature world even more.

Directly above the Rhine Falls, indoor, air-conditioned and open all year round.

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